3rd January update

Spillway Update
Pumping Starting January 30th Lake level will be fluctuating and eventually lowered to at least 2 feet.
If rain forecast appears (especially chance of heavy rain) lake level might be decreased to 4 feet or more.  This is a short and temporary measure that could be implemented during the work.

Pumping will likely happen day and night at some point.  Again for just a few days and as necessary for the safety of the crew and the requirement of the work.  Note: Pumping costs are high and no pumping will be done just for the pleasure of pumping.

All work access via land (all sides) and the lake are strictly restricted: no trespassing (access only authorized to the crew working on the project and the Board of Directors). 

 The work zone will see heavy machinery and includes moving thousands of tons of materials.

Pictures will be shared as the work progresses (e-mailed or posted).

Thank you for your support,
The Riverwalk BOD

Please review October, December and January’s updates for more info. Please note: Starting in February, payment of assessment are considered late and will be assessed a late charge.