The ACC was established for the sole purpose to review and issue permits on all new architecture, building construction, new additions and alterations to structures in Riverwalk. The ACC helps to protect the values of the land in Riverwalk. The goal of the ACC is to encourage the construction of homes and structures of good architecture design, quality and proper size in accordance to the deed restrictions and building requirements.  Once a project has been approved, the ACC’s role ends.

Please review the deed restrictions (CCRs) for your section rules and regulations as it pertains to your property.

Apply for improvement requests online at spectrumam.comYou can track the status of your application by logging into your Spectrum account and selecting “ACC Request History” from the ‘For Homeowners’ dropdown menu. Please contact with any questions.

Please note the committee has 30 days to review an improvement request after all of the requested documents have been submitted for review. However, the ACC’s goal is to issue permits within 2 weeks when able (large items like a house or garage) and as little as 3 days for smaller items like fences and gates, provided that all the requested information is included and Spectrum has no further questions.