According to CIA Services, the overall results are: 350 ballots were received in a record turn out.
Prop 1 – Yes – 240, No – 108
Prop 2 – Yes – 262, No – 87
Prop 3 – Yes – 255, No – 92

We reached the 25% quorum requirement in order to conduct a members meeting and conduct an election. However we did not have enough participation to legally pass propositions 2 and 3. We would need on average about twice the amount of votes in favor to reach the Texas property code minimum legal requirement to change the DEED restrictions.

Prop 1 did not meet the current bylaw requirement to pass but received strong participants approval.

Where do we go from here?

  1. Restated Bylaws: Remains in effect as approved by the BOD supported by strong support from the membership.
  2. PATROL FEE: The Board has decided unanimously to keep the voluntary patrol fee at $100 since there was strong support from the participants in the vote. We will see what the percentage of collections are within 2 weeks (end of the January 2020.) If financially possible the patrol will go to 7 days a week.
    Obviously it would have been better to have more participation so the membership could have decided clearly on this subject and make our budget predictable.
    This is a transition year. Again the Patrol resolution did not pass even though we had over twice the amount of votes received in favor comparing to the last attempt (2011). We need to cover the remainder of our contract with the constable. All options for cost cutting are on the table in order to balance our budget. But in the end the board will have to decide primarily based on the budget and the result of the election since the membership did not (not enough participation). The BOD intends to look at ways incorporate this patrol budget in our yearly general assessment. Please note that we are limited to a 10% annual increase and the voluntary contributions will be critical during the transition period.
  3. New DEED restriction proposal: We see that it’s hard to pass a new restriction even one that seems as benign as the one we proposed.
  4. Raffle: The raffle incentive was not worth it and will not likely be tried again! $1,500 was given back by the first 2 winners and $2,000 still need to be awarded as we ran out of time to do so at the meeting.

A special thank you to all participants,
The Riverwalk BOD