1. Drainage

New awarded work in progress:  In the 3 pics below.  Work from RW drive to the lake.

Cost: $16,000


Drainage work starting on Volga to the canal.
Cost: $15,000


Drainage from Amur to Cabango: Completed

Cost: $17,565 (include Cabango to the lake) Additional cost for Lime:$


Drainage from Cabango to the lake: Completed

Central drainage clearing: In progress

2. Lake Park

Complete resurfacing of the Lake Park including asphalt and concrete work: Completed

Cost: $27,550

No Trespassing

No trespassing across from the Lake Park; Private Property Area is under 24 hour surveillance.

Concrete driveway prior to the gate:

Contract awarded; Cost: $14,250

Completed January  2020

Pending Lake Park work: Bench paint and gazebo paint

3. Street Lights

Note: Entergy is in the process of replacing power posts. 30 additional lights were installed March 2020. More to come. Cost $7,50/light/month.  For total cost please refer to monthly financial.  As of May 05 2020 we are expecting a new one soon…waiting for transition to Spectrum to be completed.

4. Water Service

Planned or known outage: None