For obvious reasons not all details will be disclosed! Not all changes will happen overnight. It’s a step by step process. Please note that this system cost will be totally integrated in next year assessment. Our bill will be reduced to one assessment only. We will not have a separate constable assessment for starting in 2021. This is a direct saving for enhanced services.

  • Constable presence 7 days/week
  • Precinct 4 can give you a security analysis for free.
  • Remote monitoring and alerting system for day & night coverage
  • 24/7 HD Video in multiple locations
  • Guard Shack manned on a random schedule
  • And more…

So, in 2 years, we moved from a non members approved “mandatory fee” (2019 and prior) to a voluntary fee (in 2020) and now to an integrated fee starting in 2021. As promised, the BOD will be able to integrate the fee by trimming the main expenses across all large and small budget items.

We ask residents to refrain from advertising our surveillance system on ND or other public forum.

April-May: What else is new?

  • Web upgrade for faster updates
  • surveillance enhancement (some visible some not not so much for obvious reasons)
  • Drainage work in progress
  • New drainage work planning
  • Park partially re-opened (please follow social distancing)
  • Vegetation control on the lake. Treatment date will be posted.
  • We worked daily with Spectrum and thanks to their team, we’re approaching the end of the transition process. 🙂
  • Stay at home order lifted April 30th by the Governor Abbott

Spectrum has started 2 drive-by inspections/month with emphasis placed on:

  • Clean front yard
  • Visible fences, gates and other structures not in disrepair
  • Trailers, RVs, boats and other commercial vehicles need to be behind the house/garage front set back line and behind a fence or mostly out of sight including corner lots (trying to be flexible)
  • For construction site: Culvert in place, trash bin present and not overflowing, porta potty in place, clean site…..follow the ACC guide for easy steps process 🙂