The Riverwalk Car Show CANCELLED

Cars & Music on the Lake has been CANCELLED due to weather and the wet conditions in the Park. The next show will be sometime in 2019. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Garden Club Spooktacular Award

Most Spooktacular

Halloween Decorating Award


Each year the residents of Riverwalk go all out and decorate around Halloween. Halloween is only 2nd to the displays around Christmas each year and this year we’d like to award one lucky Riverwalk family the opportunity to win a $50 gift card from the Riverwalk Garden Club for their Halloween display. We’ve named this the “Spooktacular Award”. This is open to all Riverwalk residents and sponsored by the Riverwalk Garden Club.

The criteria for the award is:

A great Halloween theme. One that is well thought out, theme oriented, and cohesive. It doesn’t have to be scary, but that’s okay too. It may or may not include lights, blow ups, and decorations but it must make sense and be appealing in a Spooktacular way.

Things that won’t win the award: Numerous blow ups/decorations with no tying theme to them. Again, it has to be appealing and it must tie together in some way with a general and understandable appeal and idea to the display.

Examples might be: Your take on A Charlie Brown Halloween or The Nightmare Before Christmas, or a display of Halloween icons that all go together to represent what is recognizable about Halloween, again it must have a central theme to the display. No random items that don’t tie an idea together will be considered. You are welcome to decorate however you wish, but to win it must meet this criteria.

Can’t wait to see what will win! Good luck to all!

NOTE: Garden Club members are and have always been excluded from winning any sponsored Garden Club Awards.

The judging for the Spooktacular Award has been extended one week. Decorations must be complete by October 25th. Judging will be made by the Spooktacular committee on October 31st, 2018. Winner will receive a $50 gift card and a special "Spooktacular" sign in their yard that will be displayed until November 1st, 2018.

Residents may nominate by emailing Chair, Sandee Chiles at

Halloween Hayride and Trunk or Treat

Get your costumes ready! The Halloween Hayride and Trunk or Treat will be held on Saturday, October 27th from 7pm to 9pm. There will be 6 decorated trailers making the stops from the Lake Park, down Cabango and back to the Park. The Park will have lots of decorated "trunks" to get more treats. Porter Fire Department will be one of the stops along the route. If you can volunteer to help or have questions, contact Kathleen Adkins at (281) 354-3393 or

Chili Cook Off

Get your Chili recipes ready for the Annual Riverwalk Chili Cook-Off. The event will be held at the Lake Park on November 3rd. Get there early to reserve a pavillion. Cooking starts at 11:00am and judging begins at 12:30. Cash Prizes for 1st-3rd place and Spirit. Children can also enter and there are cash prizes for them too! You must be a resident of Riverwalk to compete but anyone can come taste. Call or text the team name and Captain to Alton Pearce at (832) 527-3750.


Hayride History and Candy Donations

The Halloween Hayride began over 10 years ago to get our children together in a safe place. Since our homes are so far apart for little ones to walk, the decision was made to have the event at the Lake Park with a scary hayride. We have gone through many different ideas through the years to go along with the hayride. We had the scary cul-de-sac on Cabango before the houses were built, Superman flying through the air and saving the candy from bad pirates, Michael Jackson and the Thriller zombies, scary bride and groom, gorilla's and men with chainsaws running out of the woods, Terror on the Lake haunted house, games and many other scary acts to make it a fun event.

A few years ago we added the Trunk or Treat and that has been a big hit which is now included with the hayride. Candy donations are needed to keep this event going. Since we don't get but a handful of trick or treaters on Halloween, the candy you would have purchased could now be donated toward this event. ALL of the candy is given to the kids. It is distributed to the Fire Department stop and any of the other stops on Cabango that run out as well as for the "trunks" that need it.

If you could donate your bags of candy (or money if you can't get out to purchase candy), please drop off at the Guard House. The Halloween Chairperson, Kathleen Adkins will pick up from the Guard House. If you would like to volunteer, or have questions, please contact Kathleen at (281) 354-3393. See you on the 27th! Costumes encouraged for children and adults! See pictures from last years event under Community Information/Gallery.

Letter from POA President


Garden Club - Yard of the Month Guidelines

The Riverwalk Garden Club has put together some guidelines for the Yard of the Month program. See attached document and don't forget, you can always nominate yourself!

Yard of the Month Guidelines

Amenity Survey

Residents in attendence at the April monthly Board meeting asked that a survey be put together for all property owners to give suggestions for new and improved amenities in our neighborhood. The survey was put in place by CIA Services and handed out at the May quarterly meeting as well as an online option placed on the CIA website. The survey was open until July 1st.


The results of the survey which had approximetely 180 votes were announced at the July 19th monthly Board meeting. As noted by Board President, Glen Hollis, these are ideas of what residents would be interested in and what they would like to see in the future. Any and all suggestions would take serious consideration due to cost, maintenance, and short and long term expenses. It gives us a great idea of how to improve our community.

Survery Results:

  1. Walking trail - 65 votes
  2. Splash pad - 53 votes
  3. Pavilion - 46 votes
  4. Sports Field - 18 votes
  5. Extra play equipment - 7 votes
  6. None - 22 votes

July 4th at Lake Park

July 4th, Independance Day at the Lake Park, was a fun evening with a spectacular fireworks show. Thank you to Pete Oliver, our volunteer Fireworks Director. This is Pete's 11th year putting on the show. It is a big endeavor and every year the show gets better. Pete spends over 60 hours getting ready, wiring and programming then he and his crew spend another 8 hours clearing the island, loading everything up, wiring up the displays and checking that everything is ready for the evening. See pictures in the GALLERY.

Summer Fun Day

The Summer Fun Day held at the Lake Park was a great time for all the kids. The waterslide and sno-cones were a big hit. Thanks to Crystal Glass Christopher, Bre Tobias, Toni-Reading-Hoppes and Mindy Larson and all the other volunteers that made this event a success. Credit to Mindy Larson for all the wonderful photographs in the GALLERY.

River Access

Board President Glen Hollis would like to bring to everyone's attention that the acreage along the San Jacinto River behind Riverwalk has been leased to a private individual. If you or someone you know has been accessing the river, please note they are posting No Trespassing signs. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law. The 346 acres will be used as a private hunting lease.

Septic Systems

As we are all aware, our neighborhood is not connected to a public sewer system. Per the Riverwalk deed restrictions, each home must be equipped with a septic tank or other sewage disposal system meeting all applicable laws, rules, standards and specifications. A requirement of the septic permit that is issued for new home construction by Montgomery County is that the owner enter and maintain a current septic maintenance contract. Typically, a septic alarm that is continually sounding means the system has not been maintained, or there is an issue with the system that needs to be addressed.

To report issues with odors, alarms or other matters as related to a septic system in the community, you may contact Montgomery County Environmental Health at (936) 539-7839 or at

Vacation Watch

Sergeant Jim Slack posted on Nextdoor a reminder that all Vacation Watch requests should be processed through the Precinct 4 website. Do NOT turn them in to the Guard Shack. The online request is there for ease and efficiency. If you are not familiar with the Vacation Watch program, it is a free service that the Constable's office provides to patrol your home while you are on vacation. Not only does our Riverwalk deputy (Deputy Lalli) patrol but other officers will come by as well.

Go to these links to request the vacation watch:
Precinct 4 Constable website -

Nextdoor - Social Media

The social networking service for neighborhoods, Nextdoor, has been a real asset to our community. This has allowed us to share information, events, and get to know our neighbors. As with all social media sites, there are guidelines and tips.

If you are new to Nextdoor and you would like to post a question or concern, go to the magnifying glass and search on your question or concern, It might have already been addressed and you can get your answer right away. Another tip is to make sure you are sending out your message to the right audience. You can select the neighborhoods that see your message. Once you click on the pencil and pad to compose your message, it will prompt you to choose your neighbors. If your post is really only for Riverwalk, just choose Riverwalk. This will prevent others from commenting on something that only our neighborhood should have an answer for or should be involved in. This will also reduce the amount of unwanted negativity that sometimes appears. Also, please be courteous to others, if you feel the post is not appropriate the Leads of Nextdoor can take care of it. One other tip is the use of the Urgent Alert on the posting. This post is really just that, for urgency, as an example when the water was out in the neighborhood or other similar events. The Urgent Alert post sends an immediate alert to phones and emails of those that joined. Please use this message post accordingly.

Thanks to all that are involved in our Nextdoor site. If you aren't a member, join today!

Property and Homes

Riverwalk is a diversified neighborhood with the amount and quality of builders that make up the current 800 homes. The property values of our investments continue to increase along with the current construction of which, we will see, for many years to come.

The Architectural Control Committee (which is made up of all volunteers from our neighborhood) continues to see the influx of people wanting the extra space that our 1186 lots provide. If you or someone you know are interested in purchasing property or are at the point of looking for a builder, do the research concerning your property, realtor and/or builder.

Riverwalk does not have any affiliation with ANY realty companies. Prospective purchasers are welcome to use any realtor or builder of their choosing.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has a wealth of information from the years of overseeing and working with the builders and contractors.

Forward any questions to CIA Services at 713-981-9000 and they or a member of the ACC will respond with the appropriate answer.

Deputy Lalli

Deputy Lalli reported at the last monthly meeting that he has been busy working on the issue of speeders. Tickets have been issued to many that are in violation. He also reminded us to use the Non-Emergency number (936)760-5800 when reporting problems that do not need immediate assistance. He mentioned the Vacation Watch form that can be filled out online. Deputy Lalli as well as any other Deputy will check on your house while you are on vacation. Click on this link to complete request:

Garage Sales

Riverwalk residents may have up to two (2) garage sales per year. In addition, Texas law prohibits more than two (2) garage sales per year without a State Sales Tax permit. (If you have a permit, you are conducting a business which is prohibited in the Riverwalk Property Owners Association Deed Restrictions.) This is the law, please do not exceed the limit. If you have neighbors who are repeatedly exceeding the limit of 2 garage sales, please report it to the State Comptroller's Assistance line at 800-252-5555. It will be investigated.

Leash Law

There is a leash law in Riverwalk. Per the Montgomery County ordinance, Sec II, Subsection K, it states “that all dogs and cats shall be controlled by lead, line or leash that is secured to a secured object; or they must be restrained on the premises (household) of the owner; or securely restrained within a fence or enclosure”.

Riverwalk residents should not feel uncomfortable walking, riding bikes, or walking their own dogs. Please ensure that your animals are restrained at all times (per the ordinance) or the Animal Control Unit will be called.

For reference, the number for Animal Control is (936)442-7738 (press 2).


Riverwalk is on the Nextdoor app!

There are currently 952 of our neighbors on here. This is a social app and a great tool for us to get information out quickly.

The app will let you set up notifications through email or alerts on your cell phone. Join today!


The ACC is busy monitoring the construction of new homes, fences, storage buildings and most everything else that is being built in Riverwalk. They ensure that the deed restrictions are adhered to and they do a great job!

This Committee meets twice monthly. See the Calendar for specific dates.

Thanks to the volunteers of this committee!