October Owners Update

Dear Residents,

I hope this information finds you in good health.

Please find below a quick summary of the work done by the Association this year.

  • In 2021, we will only have one assessment (due by January 1st, 2021). We achieved this by cutting expenses on all of the most expensive line items. With our review of the most important spending items, renegotiation of contracts, or new vendors all together, the BOD was able to cut our overall assessment starting in 2021.  Savings in the tens of thousands were made on:

– Interest payments on the loan

– New management company (thanks to Spectrum)

– Renegotiated ground maintenance contract

– Revamp the overall security system approach

Those savings allowed us to integrate the constable fee in the main assessment.

  • The BOD voted to increase the main assessment by 10%, still representing a net decrease of the total assessment.
  • The BOD worked hard to:
  • Pay back the POA $370,000 loan taken by previous board members in 2017 ($221,000 was paid back this year).
  • Complete the transition from CIA to Spectrum (that was painful, Spectrum just received the final boxes this month!)
  • Upgrade the security service system approach
  • Implement the best high-tech proactive system in the county that communicates with multiple patrol cars and the dispatch.  Thanks to Lieutenant Jim Slack and Constable Rowdy Hayden for the multiple meetings and phone calls with us as well as Deputy Dodge for his dedicated services and the entire precinct 4 serving as our security provider.
  • Integrate the constable assessment in our main assessment while lowering the total bill.
  • Continue to work with contractors on drainage.
  • Appoint Earnest Smith, replacing Mr. Andrew Jamarillo, to join Mike and Janet Winkler, to our friendly and efficient ACC.  Thank you all for your services.
  • Multiple technical interventions at the guard shack (new lights, wiring, internet router) and at the lake park gate. (Thanks Gary, P certified tech and electrician sitting on BOD)
  • Organize a successful and professional fireworks display within budget, with insurance, firetruck and permit.
  • Supported the activity committee volunteers who adapted well and organized a smart Easter and Halloween Parade with social distancing in mind. Thank you 🙂
  • While it is not directly evident in the budget we worked on this summer, we expect that most of the 10% budget increase will be used to cover the cost of erosion damage (it will be taking off the reserve line) at the end of the concrete dam spillway (overflow).  So far, three engineers have looked at the issue. Once we have a clear and well-defined scope of work, reviewed and approved by the engineer, we will seek bids and award the contract for repair. Two different contractors have had the chance to visit the site so far. Any funds leftover will probably be used for security at the guard shack.

The 2021 assessment is due by January 1st, 2021.  Please note that the cost of collection of late assessments is relatively high and anytime the BOD waives any penalty it has to be paid by the whole community. Since it’s an expense to the Association (owners/members), the BOD does rarely waive any penalty unless there is a special situation. The Association is billed by the management company or eventually the attorney for all expenses incurred trying to collect the late assessments… If anyone has a financial issue with the assessment, please contact us or Spectrum early so we can work on a payment plan.

The BOD has done its best to lower the cost of most large items to keep our assessments reasonable but it’s up to us to pay on time. To increase our odds, we agreed with Spectrum to send the bills a little earlier.  Spectrum has been successful with this in other communities.

A very good news on the general drainage during heavy downpours:

The county is working on a large ditch west of us (by SH-99) that will probably alleviate large water run offs that were aggravated since the construction of SH-99.

For more info or updates please visit the following tabs:

*News  *contact  *Activities  *FAQ:  RiverwalkPOA.com

And for your POA account info:         Spectrumam.com

It’s an honor to serve you on the Board and I hope you’ll join me to thank Gene Theobald (VP) and Gary Dillard (Secretary/Treasurer) who are giving a lot of their time to run the Association as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  Without their constant contribution and the help of Ms. Sally Armitage (our community manager) this could not be accomplished.

Hoping to see you around


Thibaut Moutier

RW POA President