Riverwalk Trail of Lights 2021

The “Trail of lights” is back thanks to the hard work of Shirley Crowley and Terry Enderle. For them it’s a “labor of love” and can really add a lot of fun and joy to the Riverwalk Christmas festivities.

The board will be offering gift cards in the amount of $150 each to 3 homeowners who will be chosen by a panel of judges.

Judging will be based on category themes listed below. Judges will use a point system considering cohesive design, tasteful, and originality of participant. Judges will be able to award extra points for outstanding extras not seen in other displays. Entrants may use music, animation and high tech in any category. The top display in each category will win $150.

Categories are:

1. Until-fir-getable Explosion Creative, imaginative, unusual, and following a theme.

2. Griswold Eruption See these lights from space! Over the top display of any theme or color

3. Silent Night Display Beautifully done, peaceful, winter wonderland or use of religious topics.

Inclusions: Participants may nominate themselves or a neighboring address. Anyone can nominate by sending an email to Sally at Spectrum. (sarmitage@spectrumam.com) Deadline for entry is December 13th by 5 p.m. Judging will take place on December 15th at dark. Please be sure your decor is properly lit and not blown over for best chance to win. A map of all homes submitted or noticed by neighbors or judges along with winners will be posted to the website so all may enjoy the Spirit of Christmas in Riverwalk with our families. Awards will be presented to winners and a sign for bragging rights placed in their yard once final judging takes place.