Summer Fun Day

Thank you to everyone who made it out for Summer Fun Day! The kids had a blast! We saw lots of new faces… Hope to see you around the neighborhood soon! Over 100 children attended the event and they played hard! The winner of the children’s Tug-O-War contest were the Northside Kids (North of Riverwalk Dr) and all the kids fought hard. The winner of the adult Tug-O-War contest was the Southside (South of Riverwalk Dr.) Your team names will appear on the Riverwalk Champions Trophy which will be kept at the guardshack. Great job everyone! A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on an amazing event including Crystal Christopher, Mindy Larson, Lauren Miller, Holger & Christine Butzelar, Theresa & Gene Theobold, Mag Moutier & the Moutier girls, Rich Hutchinson, Gail Landry, Christi Onda, Shane Hoppes, Jay MacClintock and Amanda Casteel. Thank you to the entire board for supporting this family friendly fun day at the park!

-Toni hoppes,
Summer Fun Day coordinator